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Dojo wearing a neko mask


what is dojoDegen?

dogoDegen is a collection of 4,420 (de)generative NFTs. generated using a combination of over 469 traits with varying rarity across different categories. designed and generated by founder & artist @elf_floating. each degen has its own unique personality as it is a truly representative of our inner degen floating through the metaverse.

batman jacket and ski goggles
green hair party girl wearing a resparator



@floating elf co founder artist
@otterolie co founder developer

from architectural backgrounds to the web2.5 degen 24/10/369 lifestyle, two old frens share experiences and ideas through the creation of the dojo, that we want to share with u, our fellow degen



Alien t-shirt wearing a helmet ready to head to outerspace
Star t-shirt multi coloured dreadlocks and a ricepaddy hat



let us know if you are ready to join via dm or discord



do not forget to say gm + gn to the dojoDegen, he has an amazing memory.

tbh it will be most likely out of date, best follow our twitter for live updates and plz turn on post notifications.

dinosar hat on a dojoDegen

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